Blogging Helped me Blog

It’s been a long time since I had a blog, and I’m glad EDUC x 580 has encouraged me to start one again. Just establishing the blog was the hardest part! Because my interests are far broader than teaching in higher education, I look forward to adding content about my other interests and accomplishments, including GIS projects, volunteer events I participate in, and random art and photographs.

Having this blog throughout the semester, very similar to journals I have been assigned in other programs, has encouraged me to really develop a narrative for my experiences in this class, helping me to absorb and reflect on the materials covered. Reading other students blogs is a great, more casual way to learn about other students’ experiences in the program and gain new perspectives.

I had previously tried to get a blog for my students through the state program I work for, but doing it through the government with all the regulations was very discouraging. However, I think in higher education there is more freedom to experiment with these technologies and I could see myself utilizing blogging as a tool for individual students in a class.


One thought on “Blogging Helped me Blog

  1. I agree with you, blogging has really encouraged us to develop a narrative for our experiences in this class. In regard to getting a blog for your students, I think using a free blog such as the one we are currently using ( could be effective too.


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