Effective Teaching Methods

The interdisciplinary education I received at The Evergreen State College set a strong foundation in my teens and early twenties for the way I learned and allowed me to see the world through what I like to refer to as a kaleidoscopic lens. Using a combination of social and natural sciences, as well as visual media arts to understand topics allowed for a passionate, engrossing learning experience. I often talk about the first class I took at Evergreen, in Environmental Chemistry. The professor could barely stay still, scribbling equations on the chalkboard and relating to us their importance in the physical world and beyond. I was wowed by his enthusiasm, and amused by his choice of a bright orange shirt and cowboy boots as he sat upon his desk top. I was reminded of him again as I slipped on my own cowboy boots to compliment my bright orange dress on the way to teaching this morning.

Another professor at Evergreen who I never had the pleasure of working with has still influenced me and the other students and educators who I show her videos to. Nalini Nadkarni has taken on bold and innovative solutions to environmental problems by diversifying learning communities and sharing her general passion. In this video, she gives an overview of some of the things she’s taken part in, while telling the story of the importance of conserving our forest canopies.



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