Assessing Student Learning

“So…what questions do you have?”

I dread the blank stares accompanied by silence that I’m sometimes met It’s hard to figure out how students are doing with the subject material, and sometimes it’s hard for them to communicate their struggles. I will be trying the following for my upcoming “Smelly Science” class.

During class, I really like the following idea taken from 20 Quick Formative Assessments:

“Red Card/Green Card – Using red, yellow, and green cards, students can indicate their understanding of the presented material as it happens.”

At the end of class, I want to make the best Jeopardy game my students have ever seen. Not some lame PowerPoint version, something where I can embed images and video. It seems there are a lot of web based generators out there, but I am intrigued most by this one from


4 thoughts on “Assessing Student Learning

  1. The best jeopardy game for students. What a great idea. I will think about incorporating games to my teaching. It will be fun and at the same an interesting learning moment.


  2. Having the different colored cards sounds like a great way to make sure you hear from all your students, not just the most vocal ones. And it always seems that when teachers ask if there is any questions they never wait long enough for students to think and raise their hands. Of course the cards will give you immediate feedback on your student’s understanding. I look forward to hearing how you jeopardy game goes!


  3. I like the idea of “Red Card/Green Card” too. In this approach, students can indicate with the green card their clear grasp of the presented material and with the red card their need for further assistance. Students can use their cards at any time during the lesson or can be asked by the instructor to do so whenever he requires to gauge students’ understanding.


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